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At CHRISTIAN BAUER you can find a wealth of experience about spring elements under one roof.

Disc Springs

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  • Precision manufactured with outside diameters ranging from 4 - 1000mm (0.157" - 39.37"), spring thickness from 0.1 - 60mm (0.004" - 2.36"), plus all standard and custom inch sizes.
  • Available with linear, convex, concave or negative characteristics
  • Used in dynamic, impacting or static load applications - depending on customer requirements.
  • Capable of many millions of cycles - depending on type of use.
  • Complete predictability of force.
  • Occupy less space for equivalent forces compared to other spring designs.
  • Excellent permanent spring performance from low to elevated temperatures (from -400°F to +1500°F) by selecting appropriate spring materials (steel or others).
  • Adaptable to stacking in numerous configurations (stacks).
  • Manufactured to the very rigid DIN 2092 and 2093 disc spring specifications (equivalent ASME, SAE or ASTM specification not available).

Why use Disc Springs?

  • The spring characteristic (linear, positive or negative) can be engineered to a large extent by means of changing the disc spring properties (dimensions, adding slots on inside or outside, stacking, etc.)
  • Very slight spring deflections can be achieved by use of single springs.
  • Using disc springs in series, spring deflection increases, without materially affecting the forces involved.
  • They can be combined into groups of serial and parallel order in the same stack for special applications.
  • Disc springs show a symmetrical buildup of forces around the rotating axis, with this symmetry being maintained throughout the lines of the spring equally.
  • They show a circular, symmetrical transmission of forces in the exact direction of the spring axis - this being directly in contrast to actions of coil springs.
  • They permit the use of the smallest possible
    working area - this being notably in contrast to the space required to accommodate the "dead windings" of a coil spring.
  • Disc springs are characterized by high forces resulting from moderate spring deflections - in direct contrast to other spring types.

Here are a few examples of applications with disc springs in use:

  • Control Valve
  • Safety Valve
  • Automatic Quick Tool Changer (CNC Machines, etc.)
  • Torque Converter
  • Clutches Manual Transmission
  • Nozzle of Spray Injection Molding Unit
  • Brake System
  • Brake Slack Adjuster
  • Stamping Machine
  • Damper
  • Over Load Protection
  • Etc.

Disc SpringsDisc SpringsDisc Springs
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